Our American Story


Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Herman Miller, Steelcase. These companies lead the world in innovation. They built cars and products that changed a nation, supplied our grandfathers in World War 2, and began an “American story” for the greatest generation. 

Slowly but surely we have witnessed factory after factory leave for foreign lands. Cars no longer made in Detroit, furniture no longer made in Grand Rapids, and jobs no longer available for Michigan workers. Furniture makers from Grand Rapids spent summers in Manistee, Ludington, and the Upper Peninsula. Detroit auto workers once built cabins in Tawas, Alpena and Houghton lake. When the jobs left, so did the money. Small vacation towns all across Michigan struggled as result. Michigan is not unique. Every traveling bird hunter has witnessed the once packed diners, general stores, and theaters boarded up all across the heartland. 

Small towns are where we hunt, where we vacation, and where we now live. This is why Pyke gear is dedicated to Made in America. We use local manufacturing. We hand make each and every belt, and personally design every item we sell. Quality items, built with American hands, in American factories.


Pyke gear...”Our” American story.