Our Story

Pyke dog in fieldPyke Gear was born out of necessity. Having been an outdoorsman his whole life, brand creator, Brent Pike has worn (and worn out) twenty year’s worth of all the popular upland garments. Pyke Gear is here to replace the waxed cotton jackets, heavy pants, and wool shirts you’ve seen in magazine shoots for the past 30 years. Traveling Wingshooters and upland hunters have not been given the option of 21st century materials that are as versatile as they are comfortable. Pyke Gear was developed from thousands of boot steps in hot, cold, windy and rainy weather across North America. Now you will have the clothing designed by modern hunters with world class fabrics that will deliver an even greater bird hunting experience.


Today’s upland hunting clothes are designed around what our grandfathers wore for work and for hunting (they literally use the same patterns). Brush pants are typically too baggy, lack waist flexibility, knee articulation, and thigh radius. Shooting shirts don’t stay tucked in, sleeves are too short and impede your movement. Jackets are bulky and heavy. The bottom line is we hated the way our clothes fit and it impacted our comfort and enjoyment afield. Pyke Gear feels that the people designing clothes for Wingshooters should be out there using them. It’s really that simple.


Pyke Gear has come to life because hardcore dedicated bird hunters have long desired a line of clothing that provides a level of comfort and performance that matches their passion for upland birds. Pyke Gear is utilizing high tech fabrics that stretch when you move, wick moisture when you sweat, and breathe to keep you comfortable. Pyke brand clothing promises to be tough, durable, and comfortable to meet the highest performance demands. We are built on a model to deliver you the best products for the best prices, with no middleman mark up.


We will work tirelessly with organizations that support our collective goals: Ruffed Grouse Society, Pheasants and Quail Forever, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and 2% for Conservation. This is us. This is our mission. We will not relent; that is the Pyke Guarantee!