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Dakota Cold Weather Glove

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With the popularity of our lightweight Northcutt glove, we listened to our customers and created a cold weather glove with the same high quality materials and manufacturing standards. 

Designed for the active hunter, the Dakota is ready to tackle the harsh conditions you face in the field while not sacrificing dexterity and durability.  Made with a premium Pittard's leather palm and a custom softshell windproof water resistant back, the Dakota glove is sure to be your go-to glove in the later hunting seasons.

-Pittards Leather Palm
-Low cut so it doesn’t interfere with your watch
-Touch pads to work with your phones and GPS without taking the gloves off.
-Great cold weather glove.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Cold Weather? Maybe if you’re hunting in Florida.

These gloves have very nice cut and articulation.

That’s the best part of them.

I personally wouldn’t use these gloves for any extended period under 38-40 degrees. Even with hand warmers shoved in them, your hands will get brutally cold in these gloves. The articulation of the glove doesn’t matter if you can’t even move your fingers because they are frozen.

This is the second season using these gloves, and I hesitated to even review them, but my hunt this morning wearing these gloves at 28-32 degrees was abysmal due to how cold my hands got.

Buyer beware.

Brian Werner
Ok but not great

I bought these at pheasantfest 2022 for a good price. I had high hopes for them for the WI grouse season. I am a smaller guy, 5’8” with smaller hands and the Medium seemed to fit well. They are comfortable, but half the time I can’t operate my garmin alpha with them and the phone is almost useless with the gloves on, just frustrating. Seems like the seem of the glove is just in the wrong spot for operating devices. They are very good for comfort and dexterity of operating the gun, but not sure how warm they will be when it gets below 20 degrees. All in all a good glove but was hoping for more for the price. Over half way through grouse season and they are showing a lot of wear on my left hand that I push through brush with. Might have to make the move back to my thicker leather $24 gloves with hand warmers when it gets cold out. It is hard to make a cold weather glove that had dexterity, cold comfort and can operate devices with. Not sure these are it but I haven’t tried them in cold weather yet and don’t have high hopes anymore.

Great glove

I waited till I used this glove in really cold weather before I was willing to review it . The glove alone will not keep your fingers warm in -5 weather . Period but not end of story . So I slipped hot hand packets in the back of the glove and also just above the palm on the inside of my wrist . The Velcro straps are strong enough to keep the hot hands in place . This proved to be a winner ! My hands were comfortable on long walks even with strong winds . The gloves themselves are great . No need to remove glove to use On X in the field when it’s cold . The gloves I ordered fit snugly and operating my safety and trigger is a non issue . Like I said these gloves are great but need a lil help when it’s really cold . I am just happy to feel my fingers and work my shotgun confidently in horrible conditions even if I have to deal with hot hands on occasion. This combo proved to be warmer than my duck hunting gloves that are so bulky I have to remove my glove to shoot . Great product and seemed like they are quality built to last a couple seasons

William Haines
Dakota cold Weather gloves

I haven’t been able to use them. I have Quail hunt at the end of Nov. and I’ll try them then. The fit is perfect. The weight and dexterity are exactly what I expected from Pyke.

Not that warm. Just not worth the price.

I got these because I wanted a glove I could wear in cold weather while hunting and still shoot. I looked around at various options and figured that at this price point these would be the best, but I definitely regret that decision.

The description said these could handle cold weather, however, I’ll wear these for a few minutes out in 30 degree weather and my hands and fingers still get very cold. They just simply do not do a good job of keeping your hands warm. Sure they’ll keep the wind and maybe some moisture off your hands, but for the price, these are definitely not worth it. I’d probably just pick up some cheaper gloves and the store and they’d do just as good, if not a better job.

Also, I wear a medium for just about everything. I got the medium sized gloves and they are a little long in the fingers which makes using a touch screen very difficult.