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Wingman Bottle Holder with Bottle

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All new design!

The Wingman bottle holder attaches to our upland vest using the molle system, and can be arranged to fit your needs.  Includes standard 32oz water bottle

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Kroeger
Wingman Bottle Holder

So the reason I bought the new wingman bottle holders is because the old style caused my bottles to fall out in the field. I don't have the bottles anymore. The sales guy told me that was an issue, and charged me full price for the new ones.
Kind of annoying for a customer that has your harness, 4 water bottle holders now, 2 pyke hats, pyke shooting gloves, and the tongass jacket

Lloyd Lumpp
Hydration Solution

Another useful Wingman Vest Accessory

Robert Larson
Misleading product page

The holders work great but I was disappointed to get different, cheaper water bottles than the Camelbak bottles shown in the picture.

Justin Grosso
Should be included with the vest.

With the high price point of the vest, the bottle holder should be included. I don’t have an issue spending for quality equipment but this is a basic need for an upland hunter and doesn’t make much sense that it’s sold separately.

William Kunde

Wingman Bottle Holder with Bottle