Repel Light Precipitation
and Moisture

Pyke’s DWR (Durable Water Repellent) causes precipitation to bead up and roll off of fabric making treated apparel water repellent while remaining highly breathable. Our DWR technology is perfect for a dewy morning or light rain that you won’t let stop you from hunting.

Your Body’s Built-In Air Conditioning System

Dot Air Technology is AC for your body! Barely visible to the naked eye, the Dot Air Matrix, allows air and precipitation to effortlessly move away from the body. As you move and the fabric stretches with you, The Dot Air Matrix elongates, creating a push and pull effect removing warm air and moisture trapped near the body and replacing it with cooler external air.

Mobility Where You Need It; Protection Where You Want It

Pyke offers both 2 way and 4 way stretch products, ensuring that your clothes feel more like athletic ware. Two way stretch products are used on panels designed to provide protection like pant facings. Four way stretch is used on areas to maximize mobility like shoulders and sleeves.

Abrasion Resistance describes the extent to which our fabrics resist common cover encountered during hunting. Low abrasion clothing is intended for use in low grasslands and more open terrain, while our most highly abrasion resistant garments are intended to withstand exposure to brambles, briars and sand burs.

Stretch refers to the extent to which our materials perform like athletic attire. Low stretch materials tend to offer more abrasion resistance but are stiff. 2 Way stretch materials will move with your body, but also provide moderate protection, and high stretch materials are comfortable, breathable and ideal for early season and more open terrain.

Your tolerance to cold and heat is highly personal, but our temperature range ratings reflect our collective opinion on where you will be most comfortable while wearing this attire without any additional base layers. The use of additional base layers will extend your comfort level into colder temperatures.

All of our fabrics are treated with a Durable Water Repellent which makes them viable for those dewy morning conditions we have all encountered. Other offerings are designed to dry quickly after light rain. Our heaviest offerings are designed to protect you in the persistently wet conditions found after days of sustained rain or even during active rain events.

Breathability refers to the balance between airflow and moisture transport. The most breathable garments will allow air to pass through cooling you quickly. The most wicking garments use wicking to transport moisture away from your skin while protecting you from the penetration of external precipitation. Balanced fabrics have qualities of both breathability and wicking.